Who Are The CYM?

The Connolly Youth Movement is a cadre-based organisation. This means our organisation is composed of revolutionaries who dedicate themselves to agitating among and educating the Irish working-class youth. Read more about the duties of members in our constitution.

What Does The CYM Do?

The Connolly Youth Movement is a revolutionary organisation for young communists. We are commited to fighting for a better future for the youth of Ireland. We strives for a 32-county socialist republic which would be free from national oppression and the exploitation of man by man. You can read more about our positions in our programme.


Forward is the central publishing organ of the CYM. Forward consists of theoretical articles about the nature of capitalist imperialism in Ireland as well as news stories from a Marxist prespective. The CYM aims to make Forward the publication of working-class youth in Ireland

Join the Movement

Join the Connolly Youth Movement and become a part of changing Ireland for the better. We accept anyone who upholds our constitution and programme between the ages of 16-30.

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