Friends of the Connolly Youth



To those that find themselves unable to give their time to the Connolly Youth Movement, there are a multitude of other ways to support the cause which hopefully you can commit to and aid in our demands for a fairer Ireland for working people across the 32 counties.




1. Subscribe

Forward magazine, online graphics, music events,, international delegations, podcasts, videos, occupations, education sessions – all of these things cost money, unfortunately. If, for whatever reason, you can’t donate your time, one of the best ways of supporting us is financially. We would suggest a reoccurring contribution rate of €10 p/m that help keep the organisation growing. Subscription can be canceled at any time and subscribers can request details of our accounts.
Single donations of your own amount are also available.

Click here to be taken to the donation page.


2. Share

Education is one of our three core pillars, whether based in Ireland or abroad, we actively make thought provoking artwork, articles and media. Follow us across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and here on our site, share and re-post the work of the CYM, get conversations going with friends, help bring light to the inequality and exploitation in the world during our species’ most productive era yet. You can also find our support group on Facebook, Friends of the Connolly Youth, where we’ve been opening up debates and taking any questions – feel free to join.
We also take submissions to both Forward and Please get in touch with chair @


3. Shop

When looking to expand your political understanding, or even for a new pin/tee, head to Ireland’s oldest radical bookstore, Connolly Books’ new website here. You can also find work from our members through The Irish Spark Podcast, the Progressive Film Club and the Socialist Voice newspaper, so be sure to support them too however you can.