Resolution of the International Conference in Solidarity with the Syrian People and Youth

Upon the initiative of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) and the World Peace Council (WPC), 92 representatives of members and friends of WPC and WFDY gathered in the Syrian capital Damascus for a mission of Solidarity with the Syrian people and Youth from 29-31 October 2018. The participants of the mission representing 55 Organisations from 37 countries held on 30th October an International Conference at Damascus University with the attendance of 400 Syrian Youth and Students and concluded with the following resolution:

We salute the brave people, youth and students of Syria and express our full-hearted solidarity for the suffering and hardships of the more than 7 years, during which Syria faced an unprecedented and coordinated imperialist aggression, carried out by the USA, NATO, the EU, along with Turkey, the Zionist state of Israel and the reactionary Gulf monarchies, having thousands of armed extremist mercenaries as tools for the destruction and devastation of the country.

We express our sympathy for the families of the thousands of victims which lost their lives and for the many more injured. We denounce the imperialist interference, the sanctions and maneuvers aiming at strangling the Syrian people by terrorist actions, using false pretexts and fake news in order to reach the desired goal to control energy resources, pipelines and markets for the sake of the profits of multinational corporations. In their strive to secure spheres of influence the imperialists and their allies used all types of machinations and actions which led to massive displacement of people in the interior of the country as well to all neighbor countries.

We express our support to the Syrian people, its leadership and army and we note with anger that despite the important victories achieved, thousands of armed fundamentalist terrorists are still on Syrian soil, as it is the case with the Syrian province of Idlib. We condemn the invasion and occupation of the northern part of Syria by Turkish troops as well as the presence of US and NATO troops in the area East of the Euphrates and their military Base at Al Tanaaf near the borders between Syria, Jordan and Iraq. We denounce the plans and actions of the imperialists for the destabilization and division of the country, in violation of every sense of International Law.

The participants of the solidarity mission acknowledge with satisfaction the to great extend return to the normal life for the Syrian people and youth after the defeat of ISIS and other terrorist groups and underline the demand that the Syrian people is the only responsible and entitled to decide upon its future and destiny, with sovereignty and territorial integrity.

We express our deep respect for the steadfastness and for the firm resistance of the Syrian people and army under which several cities and areas were liberated and are looking forward to the complete liberation of the country, including the Golan Heights. The plan for violent “regime change” failed thanks to the unity of the Syrian people, but the subversive plans have not stopped. We denounce the plans for new planned provocations under the pretext of the use of chemical or other weapons of mass destructions, which have never been proved.

The Youth, Students and Peace organisations from all corners of the world with the millions of people we are representing in our countries are declaring our unwavering support to the National Union of Syrian Students and to the Syrian Movement of Peace Partisans and our commitment to the struggle of the Syrian people till its final and complete victory.

The example of the heroic people of Syria shows clearly that no matter how strong and powerful the imperialist enemy may appear and act, it is not invincible. The Syrian people and their struggle constitute an example and source of inspiration for the peoples fighting for their just causes, for a world of peace and social justice, free from imperialist domination and exploitation.

Damascus, 30th of October. 2018.

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