Letter to the Editor – CETA

“Legislation does not control the Lords of Industry; it is the Lords of Industry who control legislation. As we have often put it: The Class which rules industrially will rule politically.” – James Connolly

Time and time again we place our trust in parliamentarians to make decisions on our behalf and time and time again, the parties of homelessness, poverty, emigration, suicide and misery prove their desire to destitute as many of us as possible. The most up and coming international treaty, in the form of CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) is slowly being prepared to be hammered through Leinster House and imposed on us. The ratification of this treaty will have dire consequences for any of the most moderate of social democratic demands when it comes to state funding – as CETA will introduce investor courts that can challenge state investment. 

The rational approach and proper solution should be the calling of a referendum regarding the ratification of the treaty, so that those who support its ratification can outline their arguments and those who oppose it can do so too. Unfortunately, we know that no such referendum will ever be called, because everybody knows the parties of misery would lose it.
Yours truly

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