Israeli Attacks Continue in Gaza

Israel has continued its attacks against the besieged Gaza Strip for a second day. The blockaded coastal enclave has endured bombing from IDF warplanes that have so far killed 12, including a 5 year old girl, Alaa Abdullah Riyad, and left over 50 more injured.

In a statement, the IDF claimed they were prepared for an operation that could “last a week”, which ensures that even more Palestinians can be expected to be murdered by the apartheid state.

The latest round of attacks come at a convenient time for interim-prime minister Yair Lapid, who will soon compete in an election against former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Military actions against supposed Palestinian threats are regularly used by Israeli politicians to shore up support in advance of elections, and this latest round of deadly attacks seems no different.

In Ireland, the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign has been doing the work of highlighting these latest atrocities, as well as issuing fresh calls to the Irish government to cease their blocking of the stalled Occupied Territories Bill.

Despite these attacks, and the brutality of the apartheid Israeli state, the Palestinian people and their allies around the world remain steadfast.


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