Appeal to the Irish Diaspora – Support Palestine!

Appeal to the Irish Diaspora – Support Palestine!

To the Irish diaspora of the world and the international friends of the Irish freedom struggle.
The Connolly Youth Movement appeals to the youth of the Irish Diaspora, to our young workers
and students, to our recent emigrants and to those descended from the famine ships. We appeal in
the name of international solidarity and the spirit of Irish Republicanism to support the Palestinian
people in their current struggle against Israeli aggression.

The similarities between our two country’s histories and present compels all supporters of Irish
freedom to support the Palestinian cause.

A substantial proportion of the 14 million Palestinians live outside the historic land of Palestine.
They live in refugee camps following displacement from their homes by Zionist colonialism and
settlements, they are spread throughout the world by economic forces in pursuit of better lives, and
others have fled due to political persecution due to their activism.

You in the diaspora will no doubt recognise the parallels in your own histories. The Irish diaspora is
a direct result of land clearances by British aristocrats or were forced out by conflict in the last
century, it is a result of the Irish people who could find no employment in Ireland, and of those who
had to flee the country on account of their activism and contribution to the Republican struggle.

The solidarity with Palestine is not merely a result of unfortunate shared history, but part of an
ongoing cause. It is the same British state that is supporting Zionist aggression with the Royal Navy
at present that also continues to have an armed military presence in the six counties.

It is the same US state that has given carte blanche and military aid to enable the ongoing genocide,
which also continues to violate the wishes of the Irish people by continuing to use Shannon Airport
to ferry military personnel and equipment.

These imperial parallels go back to the origins of this conflict. The same “Bloody Balfour” who
oversaw the Mitchelstown Massacre was the same man who signed away Palestine against the will
of Palestinians. Many of the Black & Tans who terrorised Ireland in 1920-1922 went on to maintain
British occupation in Palestine as part of the British Gendarmerie, where 95% of the initial force
had previously served in Ireland. We see too the parallels in calls for a “two-state solution”, which
ultimately mirror the partition of our own country which was done to maintain the imperial interests
of Britain and to continue to deny the Irish people the right of self-determination over the entirety of
our country.

We call on the youth of the diaspora to become active supporters of Palestine. We encourage you to
get involved with local solidarity organisations in your countries. To the Irish diaspora in countries
cracking down on displays of solidarity, do not be afraid. Every generation of the Irish people has
seen repression against those who stood up for justice. We are with you and your friends in Ireland
will support you. Those against you may accuse you of supporting terrorism, may say that Palestinians are
uncivilised animals who do not deserve sympathy. We have heard all of this before directed at us,
do not be dissuaded.

Wherever you are in the world, the enemy of the Palestinians is the enemy of all of us. The same
war profiteers are the same capitalists who dictate and lobby your governments. They are the same
capitalists who would sooner have another billion dollars thrown at a bloated military budget to line
their own pockets, than to invest in healthcare, housing or education.

The causes of human freedom, of Irish freedom, are inextricably linked to the cause of Palestinian
freedom. In the spirit of the Republican Proclamation of 1867 we reiterate; “Republicans of the
entire world, our cause is your cause. Our enemy is your enemy. Let your hearts be with us.”
The Palestinian people are much like us; they have long memories and will always remember their
Irish friends who they have stood alongside for decades. Today it is their struggle and we ask you to
be with them, for when our day comes they will surely be with us.

  • Irish diaspora of the world, we ask you to commit to the following:
    Students! Call on your universities to cut ties with and divest from companies that profit
    from Israeli occupation.
  • Young workers! Follow the lead of the Dublin Dunnes workers in 1984, refuse to handle
    Israeli goods. Pressure your trade unions to support BDS!
  • Pressure your governments to expel Israeli ambassadors, and to end their support for Zionist
    colonialism and aggression.
  • Organise and support fundraisers to raise aid for humanitarian relief.
    Share what is happening in Palestine, challenge the false narratives and dehumanisation
    being perpetuated by mainstream media.
  • In countries supplying military equipment, support the actions of groups like Palestine
    Action who are disrupting the military production and supply chain to Israeli forces. Just as
    Irish rail workers refused to transport British military equipment in 1920 we must do the
    same today.
  • Pressure Irish diaspora organisations and friends of Ireland to support BDS and to condemn
    the occupation of Palestine.

    From the plough to the stars and from the river to the sea
    Both our countries will be free!

    If you or your organisation agree with the above appeal and principles, or are a diaspora/Irish
    solidarity organisation who commit to these aims please email [email protected] to sign this

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