Israel begins most genocidal operation in Rafah

On Friday, the Israeli Occupation Forces approved their latest offensive into the city of Rafah, and air strikes have already been carried out. A city with a population of nearly 1.5 million, it is one of the most densely populated areas in the world.

Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the IOF to prepare evacuations from the region. So called “evacuation routes” have previously had a contradictory nature and repeatedly led many Palestinians into areas that were bombed and generally as unsafe as the regions they were pushed out of.

Palestinian civilians in Rafah huddle around a campfire
Over 1.1 million Gazans have been forced to flee to Rafah since the Israeli invasion began.

Several international groups, including the U.S and the U.N, have warned the Zionist entity that their offensive on Rafah would be cause for “disaster”. It is clear that such an operation would be devastating for Palestinian civilians.

The current death toll of Palestinians stands at over 28,000, mostly women and children, while the UNRWA warns that there are currently 300,000 at risk of famine in Palestine due to the ongoing genocidal acts of the Zionist regime.

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