Double Standards on Detention: Belarus and Ireland

What should be bizarre to any political commentator or follower in Ireland is why elected representatives here have little to nothing to say about the Special Criminal Court. Why do they not reach out to Republican political prisoners convicted under questionable standards and attempt to help them? I think that the answer is relatively simple. Maintaining double standards is a regular theme among representatives of the ruling class, so whilst many of our own elected representatives have a lot to say about what is happening in Belarus and the justice system there, they remain silent about events here.

Ukraine to Belarus: Who Benefits?

There is no clear path out of what is a highly complex situation. This is not a Disney film and therefore no “good guys” and “bad guys”. Don’t be a gullible idiot for NATO and the EU. Resist all colour revolutions they instigate and let the people of Belarus conduct their own struggles, as a sovereign and independent country.