Emigration or Suicide – Young People Must Take a Stand on Feb 8th


JF, Dublin 

Anxiety, depression and relentless precarity are now common features of every young person’s reality. Now we also have to deal with the existential dread of oncoming ecological breakdown, while those in power do nothing to combat it. With each passing year the conditions of our class worsen; drifting through meaningless drudgery in order to live with little to no prospects for the future. With each passing year the twin means of escape beckon forward yet more us: emigration or suicide. Yet in tandem, more and more are awakening to an understanding of why. 

The young people of Ireland see through our sham of a ‘democracy’. By bitter lived experience, we understand that the political establishment does not work in our interest.

In the meantime we look to the symbols of our oppression, the smiling cardboard faces promising us the basic human rights they’ve long since stolen from us. Leo Varadkar and Micheál Martin stand as the chief representatives of all that is to be despised in our republic for the rich, leaders of the two parties that manage the affairs of the wealthy in the 26 counties. 

For Varadkar and Martin their manoeuvring room consists of just 2,000 votes each. A village worth of people within Dublin West and Cork South-Central could ensure that the young people of Ireland no longer have to watch Leo Varadkar feign progressiveness and smile while selling off our public healthcare, land and transport to US and EU corporations. With an intensive, militant grassroots campaign we could upset the comfortable political landscape of the ruling parties. 

We call on all progressive-minded people in Ireland to join the campaign to unseat the vampires who have led Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil in bleeding near dry the spirits and hopes of Ireland’s youth. With enough people engaged – by whatever means possible – we could make a dent, however small, in the affairs of Ireland’s ruling class. Let’s remind them who they work for. 






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