Statement on the results of the Family and Care referenda

As the results of the Family and Care referendums are announced, a clear No-No result has emerged. The weaknesses of the proposed amendments have already been laid out in a previous statement, but the process of the referendum has exposed serious weaknesses in the Irish left’s approach to the growing threat of the far-right. From … Read more

Statement from the Palestinian Communist Party on the ongoing genocide in Gaza

This statement was originally released by the Central Committee of the Palestinian Communist Party on 03/04/2024, and is republished here with their permission. The escalation of the occupier’s massacres against our people in the Gaza Strip, along with their policy of starvation and siege, continues unabated. The most recent atrocity, the Wheat Massacre in northern Gaza, … Read more

Statement calling for the release of Palestinian prisoners

The Connolly Youth Movement is proud to add it’s signature to the following statement. Freedom for Palestinian political prisoners and for the internationalist fighters: Illich Ramirez Sanchez and George Ibrahim Abdallah! The undersigned Communist and Workers Parties, on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners (April 17), express their solidarity with … Read more

Statement of the Connolly Youth Movement on the 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement

ENGLISH | ESPAÑOL | PORTUGUÊS | РУССКИЙ | اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ‎ [EN] Connolly Youth Movement Statement 25th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement: “For Peace, Against the Process” Twenty-five years ago today, the Belfast / Good Friday Agreement, was signed by the major political parties of the six counties. This agreement, which was later approved by referendum … Read more

Statement of the Connolly Youth Movement on the disruption of Bertie Ahern’s doctorate conferral at Dublin City University

“On behalf of the youth of Ireland, our friends and our families, we as students and as members of the Connolly Youth Movement cannot be idle and let an event like this go ahead unchallenged. We are opposed to the celebration of a corrupt politician who ruined the lives of so many young people, an … Read more

15th Congress of the South African Communist Party elects new General Secretary

At the 15th Congress of the SACP, Solly Mapila (cover image left) was chosen by the membership to serve as the party’s new General Secretary. The CYM sent the following message to the party to congratulate them on this momentous occasion:   The Connolly Youth Movement would like to extend our warmest fraternal regards to … Read more

UKRAINE WAR: Joint Statement of Communist and Workers’ Parties — No to the imperialist war!

As the war in Ukraine reaches the end of its second week, the Connolly Youth Movement reiterates its opposition to both Russian aggression, and NATO antagonism and exacerbation of the conflict. As we write, thousands of refugees flee their homes, while thousands more, workers all, engage in futile and bloody battle at the behest and … Read more

The CYM Condemns War in Ukraine

We call on Ireland to give voice to the humanitarian spirit of its people, whose own struggles sent them in mourning and in penury to all shores, to give refuge to the homeless and endangered of Ukraine and Russia, to those psychologically impacted by the realities of conflict. he workers of all nations are our brothers and sisters, and we must risk our own lives to prevent machines of death from passing through our country to kill them.