Statement of the Ard Comhairle of the Connolly Youth Movement

The Ard Comhairle of The Connolly Youth Movement has received information that a man convicted of a sexual offense (voyeurism) in 2009 is a probationary member of the Irish Communist Party. This information was received late last night and no member of the Connolly Youth Movement on a local or national scale was aware of this fact before being informed.

While the CYM does not have any formal affiliations with the Irish Communist Party The Ard Comhairle of the Connolly Youth Movement is releasing this statement in order to distance ourselves from this decision, make it clear that we had no prior knowledge until last night, and to inform our supporters and comrades that we in no way stand by this position.

MacRitchie’s 2009 offence had serious impacts for his victim, reports indicating that the woman was being treated for depression/anxiety and dropped out of college due to the harm caused by the offence.

We send our solidarity and sympathies to the victim of this heinous crime and her family. The CYM will be distancing itself from the ICP at this time and calls on the NEC of the ICP to correct this grevious error. The Connolly Youth Movement holds the safeguarding of its members as a core value and will/would never knowingly expose members to harm.

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