Connolly Youth Movement Marches for May Day

Connolly Youth Movement members across Ireland marched in celebration of International Workers’ Day last weekend.

Marches in Belfast, Cork, and Dublin were led by CYM activists, who dedicated the marches’ messages to the continued struggles of oppressed peoples around the world.

“We express our messages of continued solidarity with the oppressed people across the world, from Palestine to Cuba.”

International Workers’ Day 2023, Belfast

In highlighting the important role of republicanism in the Irish communist movement, the slogan of James Connolly and the Irish Citizen Army was also a frequent refrain: “Neither King nor Kaiser, but Ireland.”

Members of the Belfast branch called back to the importance laid on the day by Polish-German communist Rosa Luxemburg.

“As long as the struggle of the workers against the ruling class continues, as long as all demands are not met, May Day will be the yearly expression of these demands.

International Workers’ Day 2023, Dublin

In Dublin, activists said that “as the wages plummet and costs reach all-time highs in Dublin, we must be able to stop this brutal reality being fabricated by capitalism.

“The emancipation of the working class guarantees a world working towards freedom of exploitation, and no contradictions appear sharper than the immensely widening ridge of economic disparity across Ireland.”

The celebration marks another high point for the Connolly Youth Movement as it continues to strengthen its role as Ireland’s only revolutionary youth organisation.

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