Connolly Youth Movement Stands With Cuba

Statement 11/11/21International Office

The Connolly Youth Movement extends fraternal greetings to the Unión de Jóvenes Comunistas in the spirit of solidarity, internationalism and anti-imperialism. We recognise the proud tradition of resilience dating back to the July 26 Movement that the revolutionary youth of Cuba embody today. The youth of Ireland, joined by the Connolly Youth Movement, will turn out at cities across Ireland on November 14th to show our support for the Cuban Revolution. We also gather to demonstrate our opposition to the insidious methods of deception and economic aggression that are being employed by the governments of capitalist nations to encircle Cuba.  


Young Communists around the world look to Cuba as a model of sovereignty and resistance, a testament to the immense achievements that can be built and defended by a risen people who are united in mass organisations driven by socialist values of popular justice, democracy and respect between nations. The attempts by the United States to impose its political, social and economic hegemony on peoples around the world have been defeated in Cuba by each generation, giving hope to all who struggle and breaking the myth of US exceptionalism. No force on earth can withstand a united people.


Cuba has led by example, showing the world through its medics and teachers the gains that can be made by workers with a clear sense of class unity and humanitarian dedication. The achievements of the Cuban revolution are to be treasured, because not only do they benefit the people of Cuba, but they also give material proof to our arguments, providing determination and inspiration to every individual and organisation agitating for a better world. For this reason, the Cuban revolution occupies a central role in our theoretical and international outlook, as the core link involved in building currents of defiance against imperialism.


As such, we underline in all of our public statements – even a single sanction is a geopolitical crime. An attack against Cuba is an attack against the workers of all countries. No matter what challenges we may face collectively, nothing will break our spirit of revolutionary optimism and our absolute confidence in the Cuban revolution. In any country, we must study the history and lessons of our comrades abroad, but in Ireland, the nature of our own national history has always given priority and urgency to our need to understand and incorporate the key features of the Cuban experience into our analysis.  


For us, the word vanguard has not lost its meaning and we appreciate the immense efforts of our Cuban comrades in illuminating our way forward. We hope that the messages of support from around the world that this statement joins will help illustrate our immense respect for and encouragement of all your work.

¡Venceremos! Beir bua, a chairde!

Comradely regards,

Fergal Twomey

International Officer

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