Squid Game and the Realities of Capitalism

A provocative and deep criticism of South Korean capitalism, Squid Game offers several stark observations on the depredations of the system. Capitalism has forced working-class people like Gi-hun into such dire material conditions that blood-sport is seen as a lesser evil.

The Importance of The Limerick Soviet Today

‘On Monday, April 14th, there began in limerick city a strike protest against military tyranny, which because of its dramatic suddenness, its completeness, and the proof it offered that workers’ control signifies perfect order – excited worldwide attention.’ – Irish Labour Party and Trade Union Congress, 1919 The Limerick Soviet was self-declared one hundred years … Read more

Native Americans Call For The End of British Occupation in Ireland – Statement

The following is a statement of solidarity from “The Red Nation”, Easter weekend 2019   Greetings relatives and comrades gathered in Ireland this weekend, The Red Nation sends our solidarity and revolutionary salutes to our relatives and comrades in the Irish Liberation Movement(s) as a whole. We join all of you in honoring and remembering … Read more